What is MyArticleExpress and what can it do for you?

MyArticleExpress (MAX) is three services in one.

  • First, it is a streamlined article ordering and management portal for serious internet/article marketers.
  • Second, it is an easy and efficient way to order Press Releases and even have them submitted if you want.
  • And last but not least, it is a full scale hands-off Web 2.0 Article and Profile Backlink building service.

Here’s what our clients say:

Through my years of marketing on the internet I have used many article
writing services, and I must admit that MyArticleExpress gets Kudos with
me. Their prices are excellent, and the quality of articles that they
write are Top Notch! I love all that they offer from Backlinks to Video
Tutorials, they have it all. I will be referring all of my clients to this
service for now on, their definitely are the cream of the crop in my book.
When it comes to quality, and price non of the other services that I have
researched and tried even come close.

Great Job MyArticleExpress,

Sincerely Kelvin Day

And another:

Hey Max Team, You asked for it so here it is.

When I first started outsourcing I ordered ten articles from another online
company, they took three weeks to be completed and looked like they were
written by a ten year old. I had to spend my personal time rewriting the
articles then spinning them twice, needless to say I was not a happy camper!

I then gave “MyArticleExpress” a chance through a recommendation by the
submission software I was using. Being skeptical I only ordered one article
and to my surprise had it done in two days, on top of that, it was
professionally done and well researched. They also offer to rewrite the
article twice for a total of three copies for a minimal fee, which I knew
was well worth the price. The last set of ten articles I ordered were all
completed within a week. After copying them to my blog and transferring them
to my submission software, I now have the arsenal to create those much
needed Google back-links and traffic to my site.

I will gladly use the MAX Team at MyArticleExpress for all my future orders!

Thanks Guys,

Dale Smith

Our promise to you:

Every article will be written by a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING WRITER – GuaranteedNATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING WRITERS – Guaranteed!

At MAX, we provide you the best content from ONLY professional English writers. Our writers are 100% fluent in English – both written and spoken.  English IS their native language.  As well as being excellent writers, they are talented bloggers, copy-writers and press release authors. All of the articles you receive will be 100% unique and SEO optimized; checked for spelling  and grammar; and proofread before being sent to you.

Every article will be 100% original which you own the rights toEvery article and press release will be 100% original  to which you own the rights

We DO NOT use any software or bots to create automated content.  All articles and press releases are written by professional writers which makes each one unique –  unlike automated software that creates unreadable content.  At MAX, you’ll get 100% original content to which you’ll own the rights to distribute and republish.

Every article will be delivered in a timely fashion 3-5 days on averageDelivered in a timely fashion –  3-5 days on average

The volume of articles you order will of course dictate the length of time for delivery, however we strive to have a quick turnaround time of between three and five days.  Our team is well organized and our professional writers are committed to your needs. We have a large stable of writers which make delays few and far between.

Every article will be spell checked, keyword checked and Copyscape checkedSpell checked, keyword checked and Copyscape checked

As mentioned before, our writers are professional in English content building. This ensures no mistakes, and of course we also hand over the content to another team for proofreading, spell checking and Copyscape checking before being sent to you to ensure the content is 100% error free.  You can rest assured that your articles will be ready for posting as soon as you receive them.

Search engine optimized articlesSearch engine optimized articles

Every article will have keyword/key phrase placement in the title and critical first paragraph.  We excel at SEO as well as article writing and know what is important to the search engines. All articles are SEO friendly using your provided keywords and keyword phrase.

We also guarantee NO MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEES – you only pay for what you order

We are confident that you will find that ordering and managing your articles, press releases and backlinks ordered through MyArticleExpress will be the easiest, most convenient you’ve ever seen.  Try it out and see for yourself.

And another happy customer

Dear MAX Team

The first time I heard about your service was about 2 months ago through
UAW. My first thought was that it’s a nice concept but I prefer doing my own
article writing. As time went on I soon realized that I couldn’t afford
spending so much time writing my own articles. Sometimes it took me a half a
day to write proper content and then rewriting it over for UAW.

Article writing is so crucial when running an online business but it also
takes a massive amount of time doing it. Therefore I took the chance by
using your service and WOW, I’m very thrilled about it. I can now
concentrate in my day to day operations and focus on building my online
businesses while the MAX team is writing my articles, building backlinks to
my sites and improving my rankings.

Thanks so much for your great service. I can honestly say that I won’t be
able to write my own articles in such a professional manner.

Keep up the great work.

Kind regards,
Albert la Grange

What else can MyArticleExpress do for me?

Well, since you asked – how about BACKLINKS – Hundreds and hundreds of BACKLINKS! MAX is proud to announce that you can now order Web 2.0 Profile and Web 2.0 Article backlink packages.  These are 100% hands-free backlinks.  You don’t have to do anything other than supply your keywords and URL’s.  Our team will do everything for you and send you a report.  How cool is that?

Web 2.0 Profile Backlink Packages:

  • from 15-125 Web 2.o profiles
  • Backlinks on subpages of high PageRank sites*
  • Genuine one-way backlinks
  • Genuine do-follow backlinks
  • Backlinks on different Class-C IPs
  • Backlinks on individual domains
  • Backlinks in different hosts

Web 2.0 Article Backlink Packages:

  • from 10-90 Web 2.0 Articles
  • Backlinks on subpages of high PageRank sites*
  • Contextual embedded article backlinks (high SEO value)
  • Genuine one-way backlinks
  • Genuine do-follow backlinks
  • Backlinks on different Class-C IPs
  • Backlinks on individual domains
  • Backlinks in different hosts

*profiles are built on new subpages of high PageRank sites.  The subpage will not start out with PageRank itself but will generate PageRank authority pass-through.  A very powerful SEO technique.

Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks and Web 2.0 Article Backlinks are posted on different sites.  This means that you can combine both types of backlink packages and create even more unique backlinks to your site. The more competitive your keyword is the more backlinks you need.

Combine both Web 2.0 backlink services with traditional article marketing and you are going to absolutely DOMINATE YOUR NICHE!

This is a 100% hands-free service. Just supply us with your keyword(s) and we will take care of the rest.

As all backlinks are built manually, delivery of your order can take up to 14 days to complete – especially Article Backlinks as we need to create unique versions of your article as well.

You will also get a full report, with URLs, for all articles and profiles created.

And Press Releases

MAX’s newest feature!  You can now have press releases created and distributed for you at the push of a button!

With this great new service, not only can you have your press releases written for you, but you can also choose to have it submitted hands-free to up to 40 different sites.

What a great way to get high quality backlinks and HUGE amounts of traffic to your site.

What other features does MyArticleExpress have?

The ability to order:

  1. Standard Individual Articles
  2. Rewrites of Your Original Articles
  3. Unique Article Wizard (UAW) Article Sets
  4. 25 or 50 Extra Unique Titles (UAW Articles only)
  5. 1, 40, 100 or 200 Unique Resource Boxes (UAW Articles only)
  6. Multiple sets of articles at once in any combination

MyArticleExpress also gives you the ability to:

  1. Track your order status
  2. Manage your articles and projects
  3. Archive your articles and projects
  4. AND….MyArticleExpress is the only writing service directly integrated with the popular Unique Article Wizard submission service, so you can request articles through your UAW account and with a single click of a button, upload your articles, titles, and resource boxes right into your UAW project.  No more copy and paste!

And even more testimonials…

I just wanted comment on the excellent quality of your articles. I placed my first order about a month ago, and I was expecting the usual garbage I was getting from the other article writing services, ie poor grammar or clumsily structured sentences obviously written by non native speakers. I was shocked at the quality of articles you provide. Normally I would have to spend 15 minutes rewriting the garbage I get from these other services, but every piece of content I have received so far has been solid and ready to place on my site as is.

You have a customer for life.


“I found MAX through the Unique Article Wizard site, and have to say, what a
find.  Professional site, with simple instructions, which I didn’t need (it’s that
straight forward).

I ordered five articles on divorce with various niche focus, and got them
back within 3 days.  Well written and obviously written by a native English speaker.
Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Sean Redfearn
Internet Marketer & SEO”

“I just had to send you a message saying that I am totally blown away by the
quality and timely delivery of the article I ordered! It’s very well
written and I love that it’s all set up UAW ready. I sincerely hope this
keeps up, because you’ll be getting a lot of business from me if it does!
Well worth the cost…Kim”