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Attracting Hundreds Of Back Links With Unique Article Wizard

If you are familiar with SEO and the impact that various component of optimization have on your websites overall page rank you know that there are three core drivers that will move your site to the highest rank of Google. First and foremost, you need to be sure that your target keyword can be found in your web address. Next, be sure that you choose a specific search phrase and optimize your website to focus on that phrase. The third component is high authority back links to your website from numerous places. Regardless of whether you are selling lockboxes, or single family real estate from mlsni, you will have to have high quality back links in order for your site to rank well.

As the title of this article is advanced SEO, I would like to focus the discussion on how to attract high quality back links to your website, and share some tools that may make the effort a bit faster. If you are a writer, drafting articles and submitting them to numerous directories is a good way to get associations back to your site that have a good level of visibility. Unfortunately submitting your article to more than a handful of websites is time excessive, and if your article is a duplicate, duplication penalties may actually count against you in the search ranking. With these limitations in mind, you are trapped either completely re-writing your article numerous times and spending countless hours sending your site, or you may be stuck with expense of hiring the job out. For most people, neither option is very good.

Until very recently, this was the approach that I took as part of my article marketing. I would write a good article then re-write it numerous times as I posted it across the web.

Luckily I have recently found an automated article submitting service Unique Article Wizard and I have discovered that it is a much more effective approach of using articles that you write to attract numerous back links with anchor text across the internet. Basically, Unique Article Wizard allows you to take your article, selectively change the text in each paragraph into three versions, while still maintaining the same context and syntax, through a step by step process, and then submit the article. The unique article wizard service then mixes and matches the versions of each paragraph to create multiple unique articles. Finally, the service submits your article to six hundred different article directories and blog feeds which results in hundreds of back links to your site from an article that you created.

Although I have only been using the service for a short time, I have found it extremely effective. As an example, I plan to use the service with this very article. To track the extent of distribution, I have chosen a uniquely identifiable word as an identifier. The word xyssion will be used to track where my different versions of this article pop up. The word is unique, so in a few days, search the term xyssion and see how many entries track back to real estate and article marketing. I bet you will be surprised

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