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Unique Article Wizard – What It Does

Many people have heard of article spinning and the Unique Article Wizard. They understand that it gets their key words out, uses backlinks, URLs and other types of submission services to increase their page ranking, but they really don’t know how it actually works.

If your article is not well written spinning is a waste because you will be producing junk in the re-writes. And that would be a waste of time. However, article spinning with Unique Article Wizard can effectively alter one article and two re-writes into a variety of original content articles. That saves time.

In other words, English 101 comes in to it. You need an introduction, at least three paragraphs that explain your points one at a time, and then a conclusion. Of course this method can be extended to include more than three main points, but you get the idea.

After you have a well-written article, you will write it again. Delivering your message in two more articles with the same ideas but different specific content. That will give you about 9 different paragraphs plus your introductions and conclusions.

Then the article spinning software comes to life. At this point it is entered into the software as three different articles that are then mixed up together to create hundreds of articles. Each introduction and conclusion can be repeated in a variety of combinations. Then you take three article paragraphs and mix up those, along with different introductions and conclusions, and you can see the point

So you see, a good article spinner uses your work to create new material. That is the crux of the spinning issue. The next thing you need is a submitting service and backlinks and the ability to add URLs to your articles. Those URLs will help you with your link building which is so essential to good marketing. This is why the Unique Article Wizard works better than other submission software.

If you’re looking for marketing services, and want to be able to submit many articles at one time as well as different articles, look to article spinning software, just make sure your articles are well-written.

What makes the difference between nonsense articles and the quality of articles that comes out of Unique Article Wizard is its proprietary software. It does not just switch words with synonyms. It relies on your good article to generate many more versions of it.

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