1. First, you’ll want to watch the demonstration videos on the Tutorial Page
  2. Then just sign-in on the right. If you haven’t signed up for your free account yet, SIGNUP HERE, so that you can manage all your backlinks and articles from one account.* 80 and 90 Web 2.0 Article Backlink packages coming soon!


Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks

15 Profiles $21.00 As low as $0.28 per link
25 Profiles $31.25 As low as $0.25 per link
50 Profiles $50.00 As low as $0.20 per link
75 Profiles $67.50 As low as $0.18 per link
100 Profiles $80.00 As low as $0.16 per link
125 Profiles $87.50 As low as $0.14 per link
*Up to 5 links per profile
Web 2.0 Article Backlinks

10 Backlinks $24.95 Only $2.50 per link
20 Backlinks $39.95 Only $2.00 per link
30 Backlinks $49.95 Only $1.67 per link
40 Backlinks $59.95 Only $1.50 per link
50 Backlinks $69.95 Only $1.40 per link
60 Backlinks $79.95 Only $1.33 per link
70 Backlinks $89.95 Only $1.29 per link
80 Backlinks $99.95 Only $1.25 per link
90 Backlinks $109.95 Only $1.22 per link

Turnaround Time

  • Please note that our reporting is more detailed than most. While other providers simply send you a screenshot of the submission process, MAX will forward you a list of the URLs of all live pages. This entails much more work on our end, but it creates much more valuable reporting as it shows you that the submitted pages went live.  Plus, you can also take the URLs and work with them further by bookmarking them, submitting to RSS, build further backlinks to them, etc.  Therefore, if you are ordering backlink packages, please be patient.
  • We strive to complete all backlink packages in a timely manner.  However because they are all built manually, by hand, plus have the detailed reporting, it can take up to 21 days for each individual package to be completed – especially Web 2.0 Articles.


  • Once finished, you will receive a full report sent to your account of where your links and articles are posted.

Ordering Instructions and Tips

To order backlinks from MyArticleExpress (MAX), just follow these EASY steps (also watch the demonstration videos on the Tutorial Page):

1. First, create a new account and login in the top right corner
2. Then click on the ‘Backlinks’ tab
3. Enter your project name by how you would like to keep track of your backlinks – usually by domain (ie www.mybacklinks.com)
4. Next you need to select a format – either Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks or Web 2.0 Article Backlinks
5. Now, depending on your format selection, the information requirements change. But this is simple, simple, simple to follow.

a. Profile Backlinks – If you choose Profile Backlinks, you can select a quantity from between 15 and 125 Profiles.  Now this next part is IMPORTANT ! These are the number of profiles we build for you and each profile is allowed to have up to 5 keywords and 5 URL’s.  So if you order 15 Profiles you could get up to 75 backlinks.  However, the more backlinks per profile you request, the more likely the profile will be removed from the site.  Our recommendation is to use 3 keywords and 3 URL’s maximum per profile.

Then on the next page enter your targeted keywords and URL’s (up to 5 each).  Remember, we recommend no more than 3, however some clients want the option to choose 5.

*the profile backlink building service guarantees that the profiles will be created, but cannot guarantee their longetivity.

b. Article Backlinks – If you choose Article Backlinks, you can select a quantity from between 10 and 90 Backlinks.  With articles you are only allowed one keyword and one URL.  We will create a spun article set for you and submit them to the number of sites you have chosen and create the appropriate contextual backlink within.  IMPORTANT! On article backlink orders only, you can order multiple quantities of sets to target more than one keyword.  But keep in mind that if you select 20 Backlinks and a quantity of 5, you will get and be charged for 5×20 Backlink packages.  You do get to target 5 different keywords and URL’s without having to place five separate orders.

On the second page, you will be asked for your keyword and URL.

c. After you have finished entering your details, you can order more or move to checkout.

d. Once you are done building your order, click on the checkout button where you can review and edit your order details.  If everything looks good, then click the Paypal button to make your payment and the request will be sent to our team to get to work on.

Simple, isn’t it!

6. FAQ’s

  1. Are all backlinks guaranteed to get approved? Yes.  The links created via articles or profiles are guaranteed to go live.  However, as these are independent sites in which we have no control over, we cannot guarantee the pages will remain indefinitely.  Sites and site policies do change and ultimately it is up to the site owner which pages remain active.

  2. What is the expected lifespan of the backlinks? In general, Web 2.0 article backlinks remain as they are attached to content – but not always, depending on the site’s page lifecycle.  However with Web 2.0 profile backlinks, the more links posted per page (up to 5 different keywords and URLs per profile page are allowed) the higher the chances that this profile page might get deleted in future. So best practice and for highest SEO benefit and longest lifespan for profile pages, is to place fewer backlinks.  1 to 3 is recommended.

  3. Would you recommend I use the backlink packages along with traditional article marketing submissions? Absolutely!  Your goal is to get your site’s keywords ranked highly in the search engines.  And there is no better way than combining all methods of link building to do that.  With all these tools at your disposal, you will be able to dominate in your niche.

  4. Are anybody else’s backlinks placed on my profile or article pages? No.  Only your backlinks are contained in the pages we create for you.

  5. Do I own the profile accounts you create? Yes.  Matter of fact, your report will contain the logins to your profile pages.

  6. Do these backlinks go on high PR pages? Yes and No.  The links go on high PR sites on a separate subpage.  Just like any other article submission or page creation, the page will not have PR of its own to start, but will draw link juice from the high PR main site.  This is a very powerful SEO technique.  Most main sites are between PR3 and PR7.

  7. Should I be doing anything else with my backlinks? If you like.  We would suggest pinging the pages and even linking to these sites to help them gain more traction, but it is not necessary as the links are placed on popular sites that are spidered frequently by the search engines.

  8. Can I order Web 2.0 articles and backlinks on the same order as Standard and UAW articles?Unfortunately not as the regular article module and the backlink module are independent.  You can however order multiple Web 2.0 articles and Web 2.0 backlinks on the same order.

Please contact support if you have any questions.

Have a fantastic day.

The MAX Team