MAX’s newest feature!  You can now have press releases created and distributed for you at the push of a button!

With this great new service, not only can you have your press releases written for you, but you can also choose to have it submitted hands-free to up to 40 different sites.

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  • Press Release Writing
    300-600 words $19.85
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution Package
    Press Release written AND submitted to up to 40 sites $39.85

How to Order

PRWeb is one of the top press release distribution sites on the internet, so the creation of your press release will be formed around their recommended guidelines.

Rules for a well written press release:

1. No advertising: In order to ensure that your press releases get the highest acceptance level they can, it is important that they do not sound advertorial in any way.  Therefore, the press release must be…
2. Newsworthy: In order for a press release to be good, it must contain a powerful news angle.  So, please provide us with information such as:

i. an important milestone reached, either for your company or its people
ii. a recent business expansion, acquisition or partnership
iii. an important event or function – eg, charity event, fundraiser
iv. the introduction of a new service or product
v. an important anniversary of the company or its people (business related)
vi. receipt of a prestigious award bestowed on your company or its people
vii. or any other subject you feel is newsworthy

3. Objective in Tone: Written in a journalistic tone, press releases convey facts without being salesy.

The copy created for your press release will normally range between 300 and 600 words, which of course depends on the depth of the material available.  Keep in mind that press release services are all about the facts, and are familiar with short to-the-point copy.  It is a unique style and does not look like a regular marketing style of article does.

To help us write your press release correctly, please provide us with as much of the following information as possible:

1. Keyword or topic your press release is about.
2. An exact URL where we can locate reference material about your news event, company and/or products.
3. A suggested title if you have one in mind.  Would you like us to use your domain name or your company name in the title?  For example:

    • “YourCo announces its newest product…”
    • “ announces its newest product…”
    • “General Manager Jim Johnson states that…”
    • “Vice President Bill Black says that….”

4. Please provide us with quotes as they are extremely important in press releases.  It is the most likely part of a press release to be quoted by a journalist.  So what would you like to tell them? What do you want the journalists to know about your news? What’s your message? Please provide us one or two quotes we can use in the press release.  For example:

    • Please give us full names of all persons involved in the quotes or story
    • Add in any additional relevant information
    • Include as much contact information as you can as it increases your chances of having a journalist contact you to follow up

5. Date where your news happened or will happen
6. Location where your event happened or will happen
7. Contact Details of the person they can contact in regards to the press release.
8. Please supply keywords and target URLs for the resource box of the press release (Please note that not all sites allow two keywords and URLs, so only one may show up)
9. Please supply any special instructions, including any additional useful facts & figures that are important to mention regarding your company, personnel or the story

That’s it!  Easier than writing it yourself.

And if you want to make it even easier, how about automatic distribution of your Press Release!

Hands-free Distribution of Your Press Release


* Please note that the ‘event date’ of your Press Release MUST be at least 14 days in the future in order for us to have it properly written and distributed in time

Having difficulty figuring out how to get your press release distributed?

You could use, but with prices up to $300+ to get a single press release sent, this is usually only an option for companies with big budgets, especially when you are doing multiple releases per month.

You could also submit to some of the free distribution sites, but like submitting articles by hand, this can take you hours and hours of work.

So what’s the solution?  Let us do it for you.

Simply choose the ‘Press Release Writing and Distribution’ option when ordering and we will write AND submit your press release up to 40 different sites for one low price.

In order for us to submit on your behalf, you MUST provide the following information otherwise the submissions may be rejected.

1. Your Company Name, Phone Number, Full address (Street, Province/State/Territory, Country), Contact Email and Contact Name . This information is REQUIRED and will be publicly visible.
2. Certain sites allow backlinking, so please provide us with your two most important keywords and URLs.
3.  Categories. Please try to provide us with two categories.  You can put these in the special instructions box.  Examples:

    • Automotive – Service
    • Health – Stop Smoking
    • Technology – Computers
    • Accounting – Taxes

Please ensure that your contact details are accurate as it is possible for a journalist to pick up your press release and wish to do a more in depth story on your company.

Please note that just as if were to submit on your own, guaranteed acceptance of your press release to all sites is beyond our control.  We do however guarantee that your press release will be published on at least 20 sites.

Submission Reports

We will provide you with a Google tracking link so you can check the distribution of your press release.