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Article Ordering Instructions and Tips

To order articles from MyArticleExpress (MAX), just follow these EASY steps:

1. First, create a new account and login in the top right corner
2. Either click on the ‘Order New Articles’ link on the main page or go to the ‘Articles’ tab and select ‘Order Articles’
3. Enter your project name by how you would like to keep track of your articles – by domain (ie – by subject (ie articles about dogs) – or if you are ordering a quantity of articles on different subjects, by time (ie articles for June)
4. Next you need to select a format – either Standard articles or UAW format if you are ordering for the Unique Article Wizard
5. Now, depending on your format selection, the information requirements change.  But this is simple, simple, simple to follow.

a. If you choose Standard articles, on the first page simply select your desired length of article and how many you would like (remember they don’t all have to be on the same keywords).  Let’s use 10 as an example.

Then on the next page, enter your keyword and choose how many articles you would like on that keyword.  If it is all 10 on say ‘dog collars’, great, put in ‘dog collars’ in the keyword box; enter 10 in the quantity box; and move on to the checkout or continue shopping for more articles.

If however you want 3 of the articles on ‘dog collars’; 3 on ‘cat collars’ and 4 on ‘hampster collars’ (hey, they might make them!), then that is easy too.  Just put in ‘dog collars’ and enter ‘3′ in the number box; hit ’next’ and enter ‘cat collars’, put ‘3′ in the number box and hit ‘next’.  Finally, enter ‘hamster collars’ and ‘4′ in the number box before hitting ‘next’ to move on to the payment or continue shopping screen.  It’s that easy!

b. Now, if you have chosen UAW Format articles, the process is exactly the same for the order quantities.  What you will see is that two additional boxes pop up.  One is ‘Order Extra Titles’ and the other is ‘Order Resource Boxes’.

If you  want extra titles to put in the Unique Article Wizard, just select the options in this box.  If you don’t want extra titles, just leave it be.  Either way the next page is just like ordering Standard articles.  Just enter the keywords and quantities and you are done.

If you decide to have your resource boxes written for you, this can be a great time saver.  And this too is dead easy.  Just select the number or resource boxes you require and move on to the next screen.    There you will see that you now have two keyword boxes and two URL boxes.  This is so the writers can build your resource boxes around two individually targeted keyphrases and URL’s.  You can point these URL’s to wherever you like – ie one to your main site and the second to a page within your site; or one to your main site and the other to a youtube video or hubpage.  It doesn’t matter, they are your URL’s.  We will tag the keyphases to any site/page you wish. If you only like to target one one keyphrase or URL per resource box, that is fine as well.  Just enter ‘none’ in any of the boxes you do not wish to fill in.

Simple, isn’t it!

6. The one question that pops up is ‘How can I order multiple different formats on one order?’  Easy, let’s say you want five standard 400 word articles on five different keywords; 10 UAW 500 word formatted articles on separate keywords; and 10 UAW 400 word formatted articles with extra titles and keywords supplied.

Most other writing services heads would be spinning, if they could do it.  Which they can’t.  But with MAX it is dead simple.  Choose your first format as Standard article; choose the length of 400 words; and put in the keywords for the articles.  Then continue shopping and create your next batch of UAW articles by choosing the format; then the 500 word length; and add your keywords.  Continue shopping again and select your last batch of UAW format; 400 word articles.  But this time select extra titles and resource boxes.  Enter the two keywords you want targeted in the article and all important resource box; supply the two URL’s to target with the keywords and poof, you are done!  Simple as that.

7. Once you have put in all the keyword and quantities for that batch, you can either continue shopping and order articles in different formats and lengths; or you can checkout.

At checkout, we currently only accept Paypal (very secure).  Paypal is very easy to use.  If you have a Paypal account already, you can use that.  If you don’t, you have the option to create one for ease of use in the future; or if you would simply like to pay via credit card without creating an account, you can do that too.

8. Once you have paid, we will send you a receipt (as will Paypal) and your article request will be sent to the writers.  Normal turnaround time is between 3-5 days, but can take up to 7-10 days, depending on the volume ordered.

We will also send you emails when each article is complete.  At that time you can login to your account and manage/download your articles.

We think you’ll enjoy how easy this process is.  No more ordering individual article and then requesting rewrites.  No more receiving articles by email and having to store, sort and manage them somewhere on your computer.  No more having to create and pay for separate orders just because you want different formats.  No more headaches and hassles.  MAX has you covered.  You’re sure to love it!

Press Release Ordering Instructions and Tips

To order Press Releases from MyArticleExpress (MAX), just follow these EASY steps.

1. First, create a new account and login in the top right corner
2. Then click on the ‘Press Releases’ tab
3. Enter your project name by how you would like to keep track of your backlinks
4. Next you need to select a format – either Press Release Writing or Press Release Writing & Submission
5. Then, just fill in the necessary information on the order page.  The more detailed information you provide, the better written the Press Release will be.

Please provide the following:

1. Keyword or topic your press release is about.
2. An exact URL where we can locate reference material about your news event, company and/or products.
3. A suggested title if you have one in mind.  Would you like us to use your domain name or your company name in the title?  For example:

    • “YourCo announces its newest product…”
    • “ announces its newest product…”
    • “General Manager Jim Johnson states that…”
    • “Vice President Bill Black says that….”

4. Please provide us with quotes as they are extremely important in press releases.  It is the most likely part of a press release to be quoted by a journalist.  So what would you like to tell them? What do you want the journalists to know about your news? What’s your message? Please provide us one or two quotes we can use in the press release.  For example:

    • Please give us full names of all persons involved in the quotes or story
    • Add in any additional relevant information
    • Include as much contact information as you can as it increases your chances of having a journalist contact you to follow up

5. Date where your news happened or will happen
6. Location where your event happened or will happen
7. Contact Details of the person they can contact in regards to the press release.
8. Please supply keywords and target URLs for the resource box of the press release
9. Please supply any special instructions, including any additional useful facts & figures that are important to mention regarding your company, personnel or the story

That’s it!  Easier than writing it yourself.

Backlink Ordering Instructions and Tips

To order backlinks from MyArticleExpress (MAX), just follow these EASY steps (also watch the demonstration videos on the Tutorial Page):

1. First, create a new account and login in the top right corner
2. Then click on the ‘Backlinks’ tab
3. Enter your project name by how you would like to keep track of your backlinks – usually by domain (ie
4. Next you need to select a format – either Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks or Web 2.0 Article Backlinks
5. Now, depending on your format selection, the information requirements change. But this is simple, simple, simple to follow.

a. Profile Backlinks – If you choose Profile Backlinks, you can select a quantity from between 15 and 125 Profiles.  Now this next part is IMPORTANT ! These are the number of profiles we build for you and each profile is allowed to have up to 5 keywords and 5 URL’s.  So if you order 15 Profiles you could get up to 75 backlinks.  However, the more backlinks per profile you request, the more likely the profile will be removed from the site.  Our recommendation is to use 3 keywords and 3 URL’s maximum per profile.

Then on the next page enter your targeted keywords and URL’s (up to 5 each).  Remember, we recommend no more than 3, however some clients want the option to choose 5.

*the profile backlink building service guarantees that the profiles will be created, but cannot guarantee their longetivity.

b. Article Backlinks – If you choose Article Backlinks, you can select a quantity from between 10 and 90 Backlinks.  With articles you are only allowed one keyword and one URL.  We will create a spun article set for you and submit them to the number of sites you have chosen and create the appropriate contextual backlink within.  IMPORTANT! On article backlink orders only, you can order multiple quantities of sets to target more than one keyword.  But keep in mind that if you select 20 Backlinks and a quantity of 5, you will get and be charged for 5×20 Backlink packages.  You do get to target 5 different keywords and URL’s without having to place five separate orders.

On the second page, you will be asked for your keyword and URL.

c. After you have finished entering your details, you can order more or move to checkout.

d. Once you are done building your order, click on the checkout button where you can review and edit your order details.  If everything looks good, then click the Paypal button to make your payment and the request will be sent to our team to get to work on.

Simple, isn’t it!

Have a fantastic day.

The MAX Team